Active membership within the local church and connection to the larger body of the UCC.

  • Active membership in a local church of the United Church of Christ.
  • Ongoing demonstration of commitment to the United Church of Christ.
  • Stewardship of resources, including financial support of the church in all of its settings.
  • Participation in the various settings of the United Church of Christ, including the conference/association and local church.

I am a member of Kirkwood United Church of Christ (KUCC) located in Atlanta Georgia. My spouse and I joined on Easter Sunday over 4 years ago. Over my time at KUCC, I have had the honor of beginning my MID journey, my second year Con-Ed Minister Internship, forming and leading the KUCC Men’s Group, Delegate to our annual conference meeting, teaching VBS arts and crafts for our upper youths (grades 4-5), and offering my talents in floral arrangement for special services, making of paraments, and designing, making, and presenting stoles to all of my fellow MID’s on their ordination (not sure who will make mine). KUCC has been my church home and I am so honored to have their support and love as I journey toward ordained ministry.

As a member of KUCC, I am also a member of the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ (SECUCC). As a member of the SECUCC, I now have the honor of serving on the Nominating Committee. While in this role I am honored to reach out across the SECUCC to engage with individuals in the hopes to fill the many different board and committee positions within the SECUCC. I also have the privileged to serve on the Commission on Ministry’s (COM) Support and Nurture of Ministries (S&N) team. On this team my responsibilities are:

  • Periodic Support Consultations for clergy
  • continuing education
  • boundary training
  • clergy support
  • support for congregations
  • providing a process for Situational Support Consultations
  • hearing initial concerns and determining whether a fitness review should be initiated, and providing a process for fitness reviews

In my roles at KUCC and in the SECUCC, I am given a boarder chance to continue to show God’s amazing hospitality. Yet even more that others, along with myself, are all needed in the one Body of Christ to bring all of our gifts and talents to help broaden the circle of inclusion to all of God’s beloved.

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